Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Cannabliss, the Florida-based wholesale distributor of medical and legal recreational marijuana products says it is encouraged by news that the Florida Supreme Court has approved the language used in a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution that would allow medical marijuana to be prescribed for people with qualifying medical conditions.

The approval brings the so-called “sunshine state” one step closer to joining the other 23 US states which have already passed pro-marijuana legislation.

Supporters of the amendment need to gather enough petition signatures to make sure the measure will be on the November 8, 2016 ballot. Thus far, United For Care, a medical marijuana advocacy movement, has secured 900,000 signatures but only 400,032 have been validated by the Florida Department of State Division of Elections. 683,149 is the number of signatures that must be validated by December 31 to bring the amendment to a popular vote.

“This is highly encouraging because the language that saw the amendment proposal defeated by such a narrow margin in 2014 has been removed or re-drafted,” said Brad Flint, press spokesperson for Cannabliss, alluding to the first draft amendment which failed to legalize medical marijuana when it only secured 557.6% of the vote. A minimum of 60% is required for a constitutional amendment to pass.

Cannabliss and incrEDIBLES Café LLC, its wholly-owned subsidiary which plans to open a chain of 22 stores in Florida legally dispensing medical marijuana products when the amendment is passed.

About Cannabliss:
Cannabliss is a wholesale distributor of medical marijuana products on the continental United States. Cannabliss only works with retail and medicinal outlets – we do not offer or distribute THC or CBD-based products directly to patients or to the general public.

“We buy highly-consistent, fully-balanced, pure cannabis-infused edibles from leading growers and manufacturers of THC and CBD-based products and provide secure, reliable and safe distribution to a number of well-known, licensed medicinal and recreational use dispensaries in all of the 23 states that have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. Our ability to buy inventory from the growers and manufacturers in considerable quantities means that we are able to pass on generous discounts to our contracted outlets enabling cheaper prices for end-users and enhanced profitability for dispensaries.”

Cannabliss, the leading Florida-based wholesale distributor of medical and legal recreational use marijuana products is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, incrEDIBLES Café LLC, has been granted one of four provisional outlet licenses that will allow it to distribute medical marijuana products to members of the public.

incrEDIBLES Café LLC recently announced the launch of a campaign to raise US$5 million to fund the opening of a chain of 22 medical marijuana outlets located within the state of Florida in preparation for a favorable outcome to a November 8, 2016 ballot on the Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative.

“The state of Florida is taking a very careful approach to provisional licensing,” notes Brad Flint, press spokesperson for incrEDIBLES Café. “There is a great deal of support for the legalization of medical marijuana products but local authorities understandably want to keep a tight rein on the number of licenses they hand out, at least at this early stage.”

incrEDIBLES Café LLC has satisfied the stringent criteria to qualify for one of the provisional licenses. The full distribution licenses will be granted when the Amendment is passed and upon payment of US$150,000, the posting of US$1 million performance bond as well as providing the licensor with a list of proposed staff members all of whom must be over the age of 21 and pass the necessary background screenings.

“We have no reservations about our ability to meet the criteria for the full licenses and regard the award of the provisional license as a vote of confidence in our parent company, Cannabliss’s extensive background as a responsible distributor over a number of years,” said Flint